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Bo Sang Umbrella Festival

Why shouldn’t you miss Bo Sang Umbrella Festival at Bo Sang Umbrella Village?

See the quaint lanes and local homes adorned with vibrant, lovely umbrellas. Watch the local artists in action, meticulously handcrafting the whole umbrellas and other Saa paper creations from scratch and hand-painting them in beautiful patterns. But that’s not all.Bo Sang

Traditional dances and parades and Lanna food stalls (Northern Thai cuisine) make the village even more alive. The competition is on to find the year’s most beautiful umbrella. The umbrella festival goes on into the night and the scene of a thousand umbrellas all illuminated makes for a unique sight.

But the ultimate highlight of Bo Sang Umbrella Festival is none other than Bo Sang Beauty Pageant Bike Parade. Elegantly dressed up in traditional costume with local umbrellas in one hand, the local ladies ride bicycles around the village to showcase their pride and joy. It’s going to be an experience unlike anywhere in the world!

Remember that this is a three-day festival. Don’t miss a chance to visit one of Thailand’s most beautiful and colorful villages this January 19-21.

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