Chinese New Year celebrations in Chiang Mai

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chinese new year
Chinese New Year is a big celebration in Asia and Thailand is no different. There are over 7 million Chinese people living here, so their influence can be seen in any major city. Besides, Thais love celebrating everything, so the Lunar New Year is also observed in the Land of Smiles.

Chiang Mai has its small Chinatown, too. It is also known as the Warorot Market – one of those places, where you can buy everything you need, from clothes, through food, to plates and cutlery. The street, normally full of cars, was closed during the Chinese New Year celebrations, and during the 2 days of the main festivities there was a big market set up, there were performances, you could try some Thai and Chinese food, and buy herbs, cosmetics, and clothes.

In the late evening, there were performances on different stages, set up throughout the market.

Hollanda Montri Guesthouse is only a few minutes walk away from Chinatown.

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