House rules of Hollanda Montri

A piece of advise that we stick on the wall in all of our rooms. 

Good things to know…

  • Check out time is 12:00 Hrs. Tell us minimal one day in advance.
  • Breakfast is available for you at the main house or in the garden restaurant.
  • Please lock your door if you go out. And also lock our front gate if you go out between 10pm and 7am.
  • Bar and Restaurant are open as long as we like.
  • You can leave your valuables in our safety box during your stay, don’t worry, we won’t sell it.
  • You can get a songtheaw to go about everywhere in Chiang Mai for less than 20 baht per person.
  • Please don’t lose your set of room keys. Replacement costs us 500 Bht., which will be put in your bill.
  • We are friends with the Chiang Mai Cookery School, so if you are into cooking, ask us for more info.
  • If we have to replace anything in your room because you break it or make it unusable for other customers, you pay! Towel: 150 Bht, Bed sheet: 250 Bht.
  • We love to hear about your good and bad experiences in Chiang Mai, so we can share that information with guests that will visit here after you.
  • We advice you not to drink tap water, although I know some westerners drinking it for 30 years without any problem.
  • We prefer that you smoke outside of your room, well if you’re dying for a cigarette after sex, we’ll make an exception for you.
  • We advice you to take our business card with you if you go out, staple it on your forehead if you plan to get very drunk.
  • Our main house has a library with books in many languages, also there is a VCR and TV. We can go with you to the video rental shop if you like.
  • Tired of staring at the walls of your room, ask us about trekking, tours, motorbikes, bicycles, nightlife, daylife, tuk tuk’s, songthaews, waterfalls, elephants, caves, hot springs, umbrella factories, modern or traditional massage, cooking or eating Thai food outside, cinemas, shopping malls or whatever.
  • If you have any questions feel free to ask us. The worst we can say is no, well we can say much worse things, but we are nice people here.
  • If you find this piece of advice not here please inform the management.
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